Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning in Deeside, Flintshire

At Willis’ Cleaning Services, we will make sure your windows are spotless upon every clean using the latest water-fed pole technology. We make sure all those places that are easy to miss or hard to reach are covered and cleaned, all the while using our water-fed pole from the ground floor to maintain your privacy.

Whether it’s for your home or business, our window cleaning services can be scheduled for every four or eight weeks depending on what suits you, and our regular customers get all the benefits. These benefits include an initial deep clean, which usually takes longer than a regular clean to get your windows up to standard, but will cost you no more than the monthly price.

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Join our community

Joining our community means you will be added to our cleaning round, so you will know exactly when to expect your next clean. We pride ourselves on being on time every time, as well as fulfilling the clean even if the bad weather gets in the way. Come rain or shine, your windows will get cleaned.

Interested in getting your windows cleaned? Get in touch with us by requesting an instant quote or call us on:
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