Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing in Deeside, Flintshire

If you have a hard surface that needs to be brought back to life, whether this be your driveway, patio, pathway or, for commercial customers, a car park, our pressure washing services here at Willis’ Cleaning Services can help.

By booking in a pressure wash with us, our top-of-the-range, heavy-duty pressure washing machines, combined with some of the market’s top cleaning solutions, mean that not only are you choosing to revitalise your property, but you are also making sure that your surfaces are safe for regular use and are constantly maintained.

Pressure washing can provide fantastic results, which we have seen time and time again, and our happy customers are a testament to that. We’re proud to not only achieve an amazing transformation of the surface, but also to see the pride restored in the property owner too!

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Patio Cleaning

Having a patio is great for days in the spring and summer months spent lounging in the garden, but patios don’t come without their fair share of maintenance. At Willis’ Cleaning Services, we make sure you don’t have to worry about that with our high-quality and professional patio cleaning service.

Everyone wants a nice, clean patio ready for the summer, and our patio cleaning service has proven to be the most popular of our pressure washing services. We can offer an annual spring clean of your patio so you don’t have to stress, and you can be ready to use your garden as soon as possible.

To deliver our high-quality service, we combine our commercial pressure washer with top-quality cleaning solutions, ensuring we get results for you every time without any hassle.

Having a large decorative driveway is something any homeowner can be proud of, and here at Willis’ Cleaning Services, we can make sure it always stays that way. Our professional driveway cleaning services give you the peace of mind that your driveway will always look clean and tidy.

The tools we use to clean your driveway include a high-powered petrol pressure washer, as well as a mixture of cleaning solutions that have proven to be effective. Our process ensures your driveway is brought back to life, getting rid of all those troublesome bits of moss, weed, algae and lichen that can build up over time.

For block paving driveways, we also offer a re-sanding service, which will be carried out once your standard clean has been completed – usually a week later, as long as it is dry. We want to make sure your driveway looks as good as it possibly can!

Driveway Cleaning

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